Introducing Bolzano UI: A new set of graphical user interface templates for Neets Touch Panels

Neets is pleased to announce that a new set of GUI templates are available with the latest release of Neets Project Designer version 1.25.3.

This set of templates, named Neets Bolzano UI, offers a sleek, modern, and professional look to touch control interfaces in meeting or conference rooms. The new visuals include a complete icon set, buttons, sliders, button groups, and predefined interfaces for different types of AV systems for Neets' entire range of touch panels (4", 7", 10"). There are a total of 8 templates for huddle rooms, meeting rooms or boardrooms.

Neets has designed the new Bolzano UI templates to have an increased focus on usability. For instance, the buttons are larger, have a more modern shape, and a style that helps users decode their functions.

While Bolzano UI's look is brand new, the templates still provide the same level of customizability as the other templates available in Neets Project Designer. The standard templates consist of a dark blue background with white buttons and text labels. The background color can be changed or replaced with a background image to fit the client's corporate branding. Text color can also be changed to a contrasting color, increasing legibility. The button color in Bolzano UI is white, with highlights and shadows creating depth. The white buttons and grey icons are highly legible and work well on any background color or image.

Older templates in Neets Project Designer remain unchanged, meaning System Integrators can edit clients' projects and use the same UI elements for a consistent look, or update the entire UI with the new Bolzano UI templates.

Bolzano UI is available in the latest version of Neets Project Designer. Download the latest version of the software here.

How to configure the new Bolzano UI templates

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