The latest version of Neets Project Designer includes new features in the Live Monitoring function, an update to the Barco Clickshare integration, and improvements to IGMP support.

Live monitoring update

The live monitoring function was first introduced in version 1.24, where you could connect your control system to Project Design, start Live Monitoring, and get information such as connection states of all the inputs, outputs, relays, LAN devices, Neets extension devices, and data traffic on all RS232 and IR ports. 

The function was well-received; we experienced a decrease in support cases and received good feedback from PD users. We have also received great input on how to improve the function to make it even easier and faster to troubleshoot issues in a project.

New - "Show data from device"

On all the LAN or RS-232 devices, you can now see what data is currently being sent to a device and what the Neets control system is receiving from the device. This data can be displayed in different formats for easy understanding.

On IR devices, you will be able to see when the control system is sending data.

For I/Os and relays, you can see their state and when they change.

Furthermore, all the data and all the data flows and state changes are timestamped, giving you a history of the data that you can compare and align between different devices and I/Os.

Barco Clickshare

When Barco released their software version for the Clickshare CSE-200, they introduced a change in their API format. With this release of Project Designer, the Neets x Barco Clickshare integration is now working again. We have also updated the list of the Clickshare devices that you can use together with our integration. Check out the full list of compatible devices.

Improvement on IGMP

To be better compatible in a LAN network, we have improved the support for IGMP. This function is used when expanding multiple Neets devices over LAN.

Explainer video: PD 1.26

Watch Steen V. Larsen, Head of Support introducing the Live monitoring function.

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