The Neets team has had a great time at ISE 2020! We can openly admit that we were rather concerned about how the show would turn out, with Coronavirus fears, cancelled flights, no-show exhibitors and other obstacles. Despite all of that, we’re happy to say that we broke our own record with over 1000 visitors at our booth this year! If you didn’t manage to make it to ISE this year, here’s a summary of what you could see at our stand this year.


Neets Project Designer

This year, Neets Project Designer, our drag-n-drop configuration software, has gotten its own podium on Neets’ ISE stand. Neets Project Designer was first launched in 2013, and since then, Neets has invested heavily in constantly developing new functions in the software based on customer feedback and insights.

The Project Designer podium on the stand chronicles the history of the software, documenting every new release and the new features and functions added. The current version of the software, v.1.25.1, enables System Integrators to add in-room control functionality to a Cisco Touch 10” panel using a Neets Control System.

The Neets team on the stand were busy giving visitors demos of the software, where many were impressed by its user-friendliness and by how quickly AV systems can be configured.

User-Friendly interfaces

One podium on the stand was dedicated to user-friendly interfaces, i.e. our keypad and touch control interfaces. One focus product was Neets Control – UniForm, the award-winning keypad control system that was launched in January 2019. This keypad is renowned for its aesthetic design and its quick and flexible configuration thanks to the external USB port and E-ink label. We also featured our touch panel range (4”, 7”, 10”) with the new GUI templates.

The new GUI templates, the Neets Bolzano – UI, are a set of modern and highly professional-looking templates that will available in the next release of Neets Project Designer (1.25.2) The templates will cover several standard use-case scenarios (such as huddle room or conference room) and will be available in all the touch panel sizes.

Go Green!

Sustainability is a hot topic and a major new trend, where many companies are demanding more sustainable materials and energy-efficient products. Neets products have several features that can contribute to a more efficient and sustainable meeting room. All these products were featured on the “Go-Green!” podium on our booth. 

An AV solution with a Neets control system can significantly reduce energy consumption, thanks to motion detection and scheduled shutdown functions. Neets calculated that a combination of a keypad control system (Neets Control - OsCar) and PIR sensor has a payback period of as little as 50 days in terms of KwH saved. The Neets Soundbar SB-1 also has wake-on-signal functionality that optimizes energy use. 

Finally, the “Go-Green!” stand featured a prototype of the new 8” Touch Panel - ECO, which is expected to be launched in Q4 2020. The new touch panel’s enclosure is made from recycled plastic – reducing CO2 emissions in production. The touch panel is ideal for companies who wish to introduce meeting room elements that are equally sustainable and esthetical. Neets’ new green touch panel was pre-launched at ISE 2020 and will be shipping late spring.

Solvo by Neets

The last podium on the Neets booth was dedicated to Solvo by Neets. The product was displayed as a prototype, as our aim with presenting it at ISE 2020 was to get valuable feedback on the product concept from System Integrators and end-customers. We plan to ship the product in May 2020.


We consider Solvo by Neets to be first-level AV control that can be used out-of-the-box to create an AV system for small meeting rooms with low technology needs. With Solvo, you can connect a display and up to 5 peripheral devices using USB and AUX. With CEC technology and wake-on-signal functionality, all the devices turn on automatically as soon as the user connects with one USB cable.

Such an effortless solution gives the AV professionals the freedom to assemble a tailor-made system for each room and substitute devices as new needs arise. It also gives System Integrators access to a new market, where high-end, complex solutions are not required. Best of all, Solvo simplifies the way meeting room users start their meeting!

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