Neets and GUDE announce a cooperation in the field of AV automation as part of a joint Green Building initiative. Plug-n-play drivers that are immediately available ensure that Neets media controllers support GUDE IP power strips.

With a focus on sustainable IT infrastructure in buildings and rooms, the aspect of energy efficiency comes to the fore. Users are given the opportunity to control IT and AV environments, for example in huddle rooms and conference rooms, partially or fully automatically. Connected equipment such as projectors, LED walls or audio systems can be switched off or restarted if required. Unnecessary energy consumption through 24/7 operation or standby devices as well as critical functional states of dedicated devices can thus be avoided. In addition to reduced energy costs, the time-limited operation extends the lifespan of IT equipment. In addition, GUDE's switched PDUs (Power Distribution Units) enable the sequential and automated switch-on of the connected loads, thereby eliminating the problem of excessive inrush currents.

The configuration of Neets media controls makes such green building challenges for the IT or AV responsible an easy-to-implement project. The compatibility of Neets with switchable IP socket strips from GUDE gained from the cooperation benefits the user entirely.

About GUDE

GUDE has been manufacturing innovative IT equipment for over 30 years. The company's products are aimed at optimizing and improving IT infrastructures common in network, server or media racks. Customers' application scenarios range from enterprise networks and media technologies to data centers and industrial environments.

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