We are proud to say that Neets take social responsibility, not for the sake of awards, but to create more equal opportunities and an inclusive job market for all members of society.

What is CSRpeople

CSRpeople is the local HORSENS ALLIANCEN's recognition of companies that take social responsibility.
Since 2016, HORSENS ALLIANCEN has awarded CSR badges to companies that make a special social effort. This may, for example, be to help young people or unemployed people into employment or education, or to pay special attention to the well-being and development of employees.

Social responsibility is expressed, among other things, by offering internships or specially designed jobs, acting as a mentor for young people, working to reduce sick leave in the workplace or by retaining employees who have been on sick leave.
In order to receive the CSR label, we as a company have had to meet at least two out of three criteria set by the HORSENS ALLIANCEN.

How does taking social responsibility make a difference?

It makes good sense to consider everyone a resource, also people that for some reason right now are at the edge of the labor market.
And in a market with a growing shortage of skilled labor, it is becoming even clearer that we as a society need everyone who can and wants to work.
The fact that we as a company take social responsibility has the effect that more vulnerable unemployed people come closer to self-sufficiency, that more young people start education and that our employees thrive and are happy when they are at work. This is of value for the individual and for our company, but also for our common society.
In addition, it helps the person find a meaningful everyday life. And for us as a company, this is a unique opportunity to try out and upgrade a possible future employee.
On top of all this, it also affects the well-being of our other employees that we as a workplace take social responsibility and help others.

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