With our feet planted in the new year and our eyes on future goals, it’s also a time to look back on a year that many of us look forward to put in the rearview mirror. 2020 was a year that forced many to adapt to entirely new realities. At Neets, we successfully rose to this challenge. Despite a worldwide pandemic that took most of the headlines, we still had a year full of exciting product releases, award nominations, new records and other great news we want to highlight for you. 

First, let’s go back to February. Here, we attended ISE 2020 and had an incredible exhibition. More than 1000 visitors decided to visit our booth, setting an entirely new record for us. When we participate at ISE shows, we see it as an opportunity to test our ideas and concepts on customers and integrators, involve ourselves in dialogs and receive valuable feedback. In 2020, we introduced Solvo by Neets – our Pro AV hub for small video conferencing spaces, as our entirely new concept. We received great response and feedback from all of you who decided to visit our exhibition stand. We brought the input and the high levels of energy we got from presenting our ideas with us home. 2020 began as fantastic as we could have hoped for - on every parameter.

Fast-forward to early March. Suddenly, everything drastically changed. In the news, we saw how COVID-19 was spreading rapidly across Europe, and suddenly it was here, right in front of us. Everything from businesses to public institutions had to shut down. To us, one of the most crucial things was that no one from our office would be sent home. Internally, we promised each other that everyone would still be a part of the Neets team once the lockdown was over. We knew that to maintain a strong position, the entire Neets team had to be a part of it going forward once the lockdown was over. That promise we kept. 

Despite a 50% decline in Q2 and Q3, we experienced record-breaking sales during November and December, which exceeded our own expectations. By improving our online presence with more online activities, and by supporting our distributors with marketing materials and tools, we have seen the results of how important our online strategies are. That we will continue to develop and work on. 

More importantly, we succeeded in launching the software, finishing Solvo by Neets, and ship it in July. After introducing Solvo as a concept to all of you, we managed to finalize the product, and it was available for shipping just five months later. This is the result of hard work and dedication from the entire Neets team. The energy we left ISE 2020 with remained with us internally, regardless of a problematic worldwide pandemic that took the breath away from many. As we reflect on 2020, we admire how well we’ve collectively responded to the challenges of the pandemic. That’s something we’re proud of.

A new normal

In 2020, we introduced several new products and features such as Collabo 2.0 by Neets, Bolzano GUI, and CISCO Touch 10 integration. With Bolzano GUI Templates, we introduced a completely new UI for Neets Touch Panels. We designed the templates to have an increased focus on usability while adding a smooth and modern look. We also integrated the CISCO Touch 10 integration with Neets Control Systems. This ensures that the system integrator can extend the touch panel’s video conferencing functionality and offer in-room control of peripheral equipment from the same interface.
Furthermore, our Neets Control – Uniform was nominated as a finalist for this year’s ‘The Control and Management Technology Of The Year Award’ presented at the AV Awards in November by AV Magazine. Unfortunately, we didn’t win, but it showed us that our main focus, which is to make life easy for presenters, and create user-friendly experiences, is the right way going forward. 

As most of the workforce across the world still works remotely, it is not surprising that video conferencing and online meetings have become the new communication norm for many businesses and industries. With COVID-19, a new normal began, and many were forced to quickly adapt to remote working and online meetings, leaving the traditional meeting room’s functionality fundamentally changed. Now, it must cater to various new offline and online formats. The digital huddle room and meeting room is here to stay going forward. 

The need for digital collaboration has never been as vital as it is right now. By implementing remote working on a larger scale, companies are offered the flexibility to deal with the unexpected. Speaking of flexibility, this year, we released Collabo 2.0 by Neets – a complete bundle for video-enabled huddle rooms with just one cable. A flexible solution that offers users the freedom to have video meetings using their preferred UC platform or video-conferencing application.

Our mission stays the same heading into 2021

2020 has, despite its many challenges, been an exciting year with many new and thriving product releases, new concepts, ideas, and colleagues. Even better, we have many great products in our pipeline that we look forward to share with you in the coming year. So, stay tuned for many more interesting stories and news on our different channels.  

In 2020, we earned the CSRpeople 2021 badge, presented by HORSENS ALLIANCEN, for the third time in a row. We prioritize taking part in creating more equal opportunities and an inclusive job market for all members of society. We are all dedicated to making a valuable difference for each other, our partners, and society every day. 

At Neets, we would like to thank you all, from our distributors, resellers to end-customers, and users for your support and inspiration during 2020. We look forward to continuing our cooperation with you in 2021 and onward.​

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