16 new drivers from Ecler in the latest update of Project Designer

We have updated its software Neets Project Designer with 16 new drivers for equipment from Ecler. These include switchers, amplifiers, audio matrices, extenders and players.

These drivers came to be after we were approached by an AV specialist from Ecler, who showed a great interest in Neets Control Systems. The AV specialist, Voytek Rosiak, got access to Neets Project Designer and received a Neets control system he could use for testing.  Voytek was very happy with the control system and developed some drivers himself so that even more Ecler products can now be controlled by all Neets Control Systems. All the drivers have been tested and are Neets approved, and now available to use on the latest version of Neets Project Designer.
Download the latest version of Neets Project Designer here.

Ecler is a professional audio equipment manufacturer in Europe that focuses on sustainable development practices; manufacturing products that are energy-saving and with low CO2 emission. Neets and Ecler also share the same ambition of designing user-friendly and ergonomic products for end users.

A list of the new Ecler products with drivers in Neets Project Designer:

  • MIMO4040DN
  • NXA Series
  • VEO-SWH44
  • VEO-SWM45
  • CA40
  • CA120-120Hz
  • CA200z
  • DAM614
  • eMIMO1616
  • MIMO88-88SG
  • MIMO1212SG
  • MIMO1616


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