Neets updates Project Designer Library with 100+ new drivers

Neets strives to keep the custom software Neets Project Designer relevant for its users by constantly updating the device driver library. This release enables system integrators and AV technicians to integrate even more devices in their Neets-controlled solution.

Neets is happy to announce that the Neets Project Designer device driver library has been expanded. Thanks to constant dialogue with active AV integrators and technicians, Neets is able to react quickly to new needs and trends in the market, as well as fix any errors encountered. This expansion includes a release of 115 new drivers and 258 updates on existing drivers.

This brings the total of supported drivers up to 3359 devices.

The following are some examples of new device drivers:

  • Liberty Switchers
  • Arec Media station
  • AudioControl Amplifiers
  • Apantac Receiver
  • DVIGear Switchers
  • BeingHD Matrix, Switcher, Videowall processor, Multi-viewer
  • AVProEdge Extender, Videowall processor, Matrix
  • Bose Sound Processor & Amplifier
  • PureLink Switcher
  • TOA Amplifier
  • Smart Technologies Display

Some of the drivers that have been updated are:

  • Atlona Switcher
  • Ecler Amplifiers and Matrix (Command correction)
  • LG TVs (Command correction - feedback)
  • Samsung Displays (Command correction - checksum and feedback)
  • Sony TVs (Command correction - Standby code first)

For any questions relating to Neets Project Designer, the device driver library or any suggestions for new drivers contact Steen V. Larsen, Head of Product Support at


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